This is it…We’re gonna spill the beans and talk about what we do at Direct Current Manufacturing.

There are things we like about the business and things we don’t.  There are those we will help and those we won’t.

P Fashion

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Along the way we will show you some of the things that inspire us…contemporary fashion and the trends that influence.  On this space we will showcase the independent designers we manufacture for and feature products from our own portfolio.

It’s appropriate to talk about our process here online, since we rely on the digital world of pattern and grading to produce small batches of quality branded and corporate custom apparel and every day see things we want to share.  This is a forum for our clients and their customers.  We hope to make a contribution that our reader will find to be a good value, with tips and tricks about manufacturing your own line and the realities associated with the cost and logistics.

Oh no…it’s getting heavy.  So we’ll post the cool stuff too… because with every peak there is a valley to explore.

Hello World.