Our corporate image design and apparel wholesale agency created Direct Current Manufacturing Inc. of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1999 to operate as a commercial apparel manufacturing supply line facility specializing in small-batch, quick response, local cut and sew.  Today, our Sales Office provides access to a wide range of manufacturing services that are provided to independent designers, and ready-to-wear purchasers on an “as needed” or “repeat customer program” basis.

Custom Order Woven Labels
Brand Accessories & Graphic Services
Printed Labels
Raw Material Supply
Private Label Apparel Production
Patterns and Design

The business as a sewing shop specializes in design line incubation producing orders of 30-300 units, scale-able to accommodate larger size orders of 5,000 pieces or more.

Fabrics used in production include technical, knit and woven materials for all types of garments. Cut and Sew clients are encouraged to supply notion components and cloth when placing an order for making.

Pre-production Service Capabilities include consultation to product development, advanced R&D, pattern making, fit samples, prototypes, digital pattern size grading, professional pattern edit and design evolution supportive the process necessary to continuity when creating new styles from existing blocks…

When it is time to make a marker and cut cloth, clients typically provide a detail cutting order and for most fabric cutting situations, a computer is used to arrange pattern pieces for efficiency and maximum yield.

The Direct Current Sales office of TDR CReative is available Monday to Friday by phone/ (or text) call 604.442.3714 and ask for Burke!

Retail AWFKLine groupings created in-house and in partnership with other third party include Tattoo Tribe, Eh! Brand, Bloomfield for the Authentic Modern Woman, Bloomfield Men,  Blomfield Junior Miss, Bloomfield Organics, Sizzle Basics, Sizzle Maternity and Dallas-James Adventure Wear for Kids and AWFK.

At DC Sales, we accept wholesale/dealer, Custom Clothing Orders and value-added re-seller inquiries.  Contact us for ethically produced, quality #CutandSew, #Screenprinting, #embroidery. Domestic Apparel Production #MadeinCanada, #Vancouver.

Sizzle_Clothing_HeaderFor More Information send email to DirectCurrentMfg/sales or use the form tool provided below to submit a Designer Apparel Service project order request.