Direct Current hosts modern up to date computerized Gerber-AccuMark(TM) pattern system for digital, vector line drawn pattern management. AND, We are still a little “Old School” and believe a truly great garment fit is best created by hand. So most first draft patterns are generated by hand using paper or cloth, we test and we tune, we challenge the design and refine where appropriate.

General Rates and Service Options for Apparel Pattern Design:

A) Pattern Drafting by Hand: Minimum charge applies: $150.00
B) Pattern Drafting by Computer: Minimum charge applies: $225.00

Please Note: A “Prototype” or first sample, or partial garment sewing test is required to prove the pattern workings of an original pattern.  (See our FAQ’s page for more information on this topic).

To Order Pattern Services – Email:

Please be able to supply some reference such as:

A home-made Sample or Prototype.
A home-made or modified commercial paper pattern.
An existing Garment to copy with conversion notes.
A diagram with specific measurements.
A combination of these and other details relevant to the desired garment construction required for the style.

Marker Making Services for Plotter Printed Markers: (blueprints used in cutting)

$ Minimum service charge applies $50.00*
* Rate is dependent on size ratio and the number of pattern pieces required in the design.

Design and Sample Making Services:

If you need a solution as to how your garment is made that question can be answered by one of our Design Consultants. Pattern Makers perform a task based on the information and supporting reference material supplied.

A) Design Consultation: Minimum charge applies: $95.00 per hour
B) Outsource your business or product development specific task list to a Designer or qualified apparel production assistant: Minimum charge applies: $30.00 per hour

C) Prototype Sewing Services (apparel): Minimum charge applies: $250.00
D) Edit File Revisions to a Pattern from Prototype: Minimum charge applies: $30.00

E) Re-sample Sewing Services: $.$ Invoice per actual units of labour input.
F) Additional Pattern Revisions recommended or requested: $.$ Invoice per actual units of labour input. 

G) Sample Sewing: Minimum charge applies $90.00 with invoice based on actual labour input.

How much will my pattern, design, prototype, revisions and final sample cost?

Please see our FAQ page for factors related to this topic.

Thank you.