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Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

DAS is a dedicated team of BC Fashion Apparel Professionals.DAS June 2019 Home Page Snip DAS provides a full range of In-House Apparel Manufacturing, Pattern and Production Services.

Learn more about this 20-year established Cut and Sew garment shop for innovation and design line support specializing in swimwear and eco-friendly fashion knit styles.



We all have a message to share. And no doubt that Word-of-Mouth is a powerful method of advertising. What’s cool about the printed T is the endorsement that we can broadcast to whisper loudly on the wearers back. Like this example prepared for Farafena who is a distributor of an African Ancient Grain. Farafena tells a good story that is thought to provoke awareness and hope for others in need.

The products they import are sold at local grocery stores in Western Canada and we are extremely proud to have the opportunity to wrangle a solution to getting their message out into the marketplace so that health-conscious consumers can be better informed about the availability of products like the drought-resistant Fonio Grain indigenous to Africa.  Look for Farafena packaged dry goods and try them in your home cooking.
farafena home page.PNGThe benefits better explained by visiting for more information.

For quick response to your embroidery and print logo, custom clothing requests contact Burke Tanner in Vancouver via email or call 604.442.3714

Farafena-Right Chest-Logo Splash Page

Have questions about graphic design on clothing? Let us know. Funny how that T-shirt has remained in style for as many decades as it has.

Any brand can benefit to add a logo to a T-shirt or other garment design as part of your comprehensive marketing strategy…

Get Comfort with Purpose and Spread the Word.