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How getting back to basics built a manufacturing business. Digital pattern making services became a key player in the late 1990s as visible in the gallery line list collection snip of DCMFG-Inc. / TDR Creative Sizzle Brand Apparel.

The welcome product design service sales work of the Sizzle contemporary ladieswear line began in around 1998 a full 24 months prior incorporation of the maker Direct Current Manufacturing Inc.   The company established in 1999 was simply responding to a wide open niche that was most notably and successfully exploited by the ever popular American Apparel Brand that emerged into the trade at just about the same time.

DCMFG-Inc. / TDR Creative Sizzle Brand Apparel.

It all started with a little sketch, or client driven new product request… Every “body” has a story. 

And here we are some 20 years later. American Apparel has peaked and is now gone. Lululemon carries on strong and other Brands that were once viewed as solid (Esprit, Benetton, Mexx) if not somewhat invincible have themselves become quite extinct.

Here we have seen major and minor players drift off, a new string of designers and marketing apparel business developers continually emerge with all the same vigour and ambition that we have witnessed for decades to result in various degree of acceptable ROI.

What the team at DCMfg-Inc. set out to do it has done and will continue to do for many years to come. Operating as one part Incubator, one part general apparel contractor and one part fashion design house, Direct Current has remained somewhat consistent and true to form.  There are no massive profits to report or glossy annual reports. The business has clients and hosts the “ethical” cut and sew of independent designers who by certain exhibit publish such works.

The common denominator is this, a willingness and profound focus to the task at hand. DCMfg-Inc. was always about what made the other party look good. And hundreds upon hundreds of styles and designs have been created.

In 1999 we needed to have a few things made. The Sizzle line was made up of about six, better fitting than what the other guys where doing garments. The styles were extraordinary for the day. Modern (new) cotton/ spandex knits sometimes made with lycra(TM) by trade. Followed by the eco-friendly introduction of Hemp and Bamboo… Digital pattern management made quick response and small batch domestic manufacturing flow functional.

None of this is important to tomorrows bright star. What the Apparel Trade in Canada needs now more than ever are skilled hands. Crafty people who are willing to sew.

Get Industrial Sewing Training – BC Alliance for Manufacturing

A free career training course which includes Workplace Communication, Industrial Sewing techniques and Job Readiness. The course is designed to prepare you for an entry-level position as an Industrial Sewer in BC’s rapidly growing apparel and soft accessories industry.

We all have a message to share. And no doubt that Word-of-Mouth is a powerful method of advertising. What’s cool about the printed T is the endorsement that we can broadcast to whisper loudly on the wearers back. Like this example prepared for Farafena who is a distributor of an African Ancient Grain. Farafena tells a good story that is thought to provoke awareness and hope for others in need.

The products they import are sold at local grocery stores in Western Canada and we are extremely proud to have the opportunity to wrangle a solution to getting their message out into the marketplace so that health-conscious consumers can be better informed about the availability of products like the drought-resistant Fonio Grain indigenous to Africa.  Look for Farafena packaged dry goods and try them in your home cooking.
farafena home page.PNGThe benefits better explained by visiting for more information.

For quick response to your embroidery and print logo, custom clothing requests contact Burke Tanner in Vancouver via email or call 604.442.3714

Farafena-Right Chest-Logo Splash Page

Have questions about graphic design on clothing? Let us know. Funny how that T-shirt has remained in style for as many decades as it has.

Any brand can benefit to add a logo to a T-shirt or other garment design as part of your comprehensive marketing strategy…

Get Comfort with Purpose and Spread the Word.


Finding a good solution to manufacturing apparel in Vancouver, BC can be a challenge for new and existing clothing and other textile product producers.  At Direct Current Sales – we understand the access to skilled labour resource problem as an opportunity to grow cooperatively in the trade. das_logo-and-wordmark

Direct Current Manufacturing Inc., was established in 1999 (2000) to fill the void between the need demand and availability to quick response, local garment making.  The benefits of expanding resources for apparel made in Canada is desirable for a host of reasons to include new job creation and stewardship toward sustainable business practices.Dallas age Three Blue Rainsuit

Next to achieving a great fit, the “straight of goods” is perhaps one of the most important quality control concerns.  And proper patterns are at the foundation of all products made.

To ensure cost control in production it is a very good idea to make sure every detail is well refined before spending on bulk sewing labour begins.  The necessity to prototype and design is a craft reliant on a willingness to work out component details as a major part in the process of pre-production.

In practice, this is a chore that is best given to the brand/ project manager to administrate in a format that prevents guesswork by pattern makers who are draftspeople with infinite options.  For this reason, it becomes the project managers chore to supervise and table the desired goal with answers limiting the back and forth with patterning and production that if not properly respected will lead to frustration, inflated cost and in the worst case delay and poor results will lead to waste and work stoppage.knit Jacket Pattern Resource-medium

We hope this post will be useful to explain the importance of what is sometimes referred to as a condition “standard in the trade”. We think making apparel is akin to horse racing.  It’s a rich person game.  If you have to ask repeatedly “How much” then we would recommend greater research be applied to plan before spending.

2008 cocktaildress2-131pixProjects fail when questions that inevitably arise if a design is not fully thought out by the creators and business managers.  Let us face it upfront – a good sewing shop is hard to find.  The best sewing shops have little or no time for problem-solving.  We sometimes find that clients sending out a “Tech pack” feel that their job is done and the responsibility has been handed off to production to handle.  In our experience, that attitude alone does not work without consideration to the time investment of the handler tasked with receiving the plans – especially if those plans are in any way incomplete.  This is an important point to review when asking for a price.  Who pays for the customer interface?  The breakpoint here is the administrative fee relative to getting the job ready for the cutting table that should be reflected in the pre-production budget allowed.

Time is money and the Cut make and trim per unit is sewing shop labour so beware the bottleneck that can crush a timeline or other sensitive R&D hope.  Remember garbage in = garbage out.

Contact us for solutions to growth. For help with your business apparel design ambition #MadeinCanada email info@directcurrentmfg.com2015-Ancillary Production is generating Income